Featured Project

Occasionally we'd like to feature a current project that we're developing, which exemplifies the type of work NTR Imagescapes does. Without giving away any client's proprietary information or "secret" code, we'll highlight some of the project's finer, more unique points.

Platinum Appraisal Network (PAN)

(PAN) is a project which epitomizes what we do, and features many aspects of the types of coding solutions we're asked to provide. With this particular website, we are developing a complex order management system, allowing the site administrator to create orders, modify orders, attach files to orders, message users and issue alerts. Additionally, a password protected, user interface builds a bridge between the administrator and member, allowing the user to interact with the administrator through a monthly calendar, message system and file uploads.

Members are required to fill out an online sign-up form, choose a username and password, and agree to an online contract before their sign-up is completed. Then once logged in, members will have an interface to manage their various orders, modifying them according to administrator generated alerts.

Allowing the user to manage their orders and schedule their availability is a critical aspect of this job. We are developing dozens of functions to read information from the database and then process it in various ways that mean something to the user and administrator.

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NTR Imagescapes Testimonials

" NTR Imagescapes created a custom web application for my business that only I could access. It helped me keep track of inventory and manage payroll.  They were very helpful through the whole process and I was surprised by their affordability. "

- Dan Larsen

Orchard Landscaping